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         Well first things first I'm Olivia the four foot little human behind Oli King Film! It means the world to me that you took out the time to check me out and my work, a huge thank you!  If I could I would hug you. I'm a videographer based in Central Arkansas. Some of the things I love are uncontrollable laughing fits, dancing like the world is watching, endless Netflix marathons with a side of Takis, and getting my passport stamped. I've spent a good portion of the last few years of my life traveling abroad volunteering in places like Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Since a kid I've fought the urge to be a nomad.

 The only thing that fills me with the same level of bubbling excitement and truthfulness aside from traveling is being a creative and creating video content. Traveling means so much to me because it opens up experiences and close connections with others to me.

I love people and the experiences and stories they have complied throughout their life. Videography rolls with that same feeling because I can play a small part in curating those stories for others in a artistic manner. This pursuit allows me to create not just moving visuals but actual stories that are true to you. Stories that are unique to each person whether it's  a video for a company or small business, a creative concept, or a couple madly in love everything hangs of a story.  A story worth telling. A story worth persevering. I don't want to just be the videographer but your videographer. The one entrusted to tell that incredible story that is yours. I would be extremely privileged to tell that story because, our stories matter.



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Have you checked out some of the films highlighted on my site? Did it feel you with excitement to have your love story told? Yeah?! Well lets get to know each other! Please fill out the form below and shoot it over to me. It means the world to me that you came to Oli King Film to capsulize the memories from one of the most important days for you and your family.